KADPPA Activities


The functions of Kaduna State Public Procurement Authority are as follows:

  1. Formulate the general policy guidelines and implement regulations relating to public procurement in the Kaduna State and its Local Governments.
  2. Publicise and explain the provision of the Law;
  3. Supervise the implementation of established procurement policies and regulations;
  4. Monitor the prices of tendered items and keep a database of standard prices;
  5. Publish the details of procurement contracts in the State procurement journal;
  6. Issue certificate of no objection for contract award in respect of all procurement within the established threshold, that comply with provisions of this Law;
  7. Collate and maintain in an archival system all State procurement plan and information;
  8. Undertake procurement research and surveys;
  9. Provide and co-ordinate training programmes to build the institutional capacity of all procuring entities within the purview of this Law and to coordinate the
  10. training and development of service-wide procurement cadre;
  11. Periodically review the socio-economic effect of the policies on procurement and advice the Governor accordingly;
  12. Prepare and update and update standard bid/tender and contract documents;
  13. Respond expeditiously to enquires from procuring entities; provided the enquiry is accompanied by adequate information;
  14. Certify State procurement prior to award of contracts from commencement date of this Law, thereafter provide an effective monitoring mechanism;
  15. Prevent fraudulent and unfair procurement and where necessary apply administrative sanctions;
  16. Review for compliance the procurement and award of contract procedures of every entity to which this Law applies;
  17. Perform regular procurement audits
  18. Receive, expeditiously investigate and decide complaints from bidders and the general public against public procurement rules and practices;
  19. Introduce, develop, update, maintain related database and technology; and
  20. Ensure transparency, fairness and the long-term sustainability of the outcome of every procurement process in the State.