1. Consider, review, and approve the monetary threshold for the applications of the provisions of the Law by procuring entities;
  2. Consider and approve policies formulated by the management of the Authority on public procurement;
  3. Approve any procurement guidelines or regulations to be made pursuant to this law;
  4. Approve the employment of directions and other staff of the Authority;
  5. Receive and consider for approval the audited accounts of the Authority;
  6. Consider and approve operational structure, policy guidelines and major programmes of the Authority; and
  7. Give such other directive and perform such other functions as may be necessary to achieve the objectives of this Law.

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  1. Good move.. but what of other organizations like I follow the money..and the likes .. which have been carrying out exercises similar like this.. moreso individuals.. though is impossible for individual to undertake such a task.. considering the scope of.. thanks

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